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Saturday, March 1, 2008

I just want to be your friend...

I love meeting new people, but the past two days have not been so great as there are people who do not understand that their dogs do not like other dogs and should not be around people. You see, Tara took me at meeting with other play therapists and I got to relax and people watch at a local outside eatery while the educated therapists met with each other. Then this lady (who had lots of make-up on and poofy hair) came by and was letting her little dog, that is the same size as my toys. run crazy on one of those leashes that let you go far and then not so far (Tara says retractable). I was not paying attention and did not see this dog come up to me until I felt a pain in my leg. I jumped and barked and the lady would not move her dog. I wanted it to go away and did not want to be around any other dogs except my sister, but we had left her at home.--Sorry Abbey! I finally calmed down and Tara checked my leg to be sure I wasn't hurt too bad. I felt better after we were home and napped for the rest of the day.

Today I got to go help CARES at the Celebrate Cape Block Party and couldn't wait to play with all the kids. There were so many great people and I had so much fun representing CARES and inviting people to the walk next week...until this man with a black dog came toward me. That other dog did not like me and I didn't do anything to him! His owner kept coming closer and I was getting scared so I barked...maybe I was still scared from yesterday, but this dog did not seem friendly at all. I know I was not listening to Tara, but she doesn't understand that I was protecting her! After that I decided I only wanted to visit with people, especially children and encouraged other dogs to not come to our booth! I think right now Abbey and I need to work harder with the kids as we don't seem to have the same goals in life as other dogs! Thanks to all you new people I met tonight and for those that donated to CARES! Let's save as many lives as we can!

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